Sourcing Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Sweden

In Sweden, as in the USA, a half century of marriage is an achievement in the lifetime of any couple that is considered to be worthy of great praise and celebration. Families come together to share in this happy event and to present their loved ones with tokens of esteem, love and appreciation to show their relatives how much they are respected and admired.

Both in Sweden and in the USA, the traditional material linked with 50 years of marriage is gold – the most precious of metals representing the precious nature of a long-lasting union with a hard-wearing and resilient nature that reflects the enduring love of a couple who have weathered the storms of 50 years of trials and tribulations together.

History of Mining Gold in Sweden

Sweden has a long history as a producer of gold, and there are several mines set up all over the country to recover this precious commodity. Gold panning is also a popular pastime in Sweden, with many areas being frequented by prospectors who love to spend their spare time searching for gold nuggets. The Eman River is known as the first place where gold was found and nuggets are still found here today.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts in Sweden

Romantic Matched Set set

  • Includes a real glazed rose, trimmed with 24k gold
  • Combined with pendant and earrings from natural rose petals
  • Comes in a quality leather display case
  • Price $299

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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • It is presented in a prestigious leather display case
  • A certificate of authenticity is enclosed
  • Free express delivery
  • Price $169

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Floral Golden Wedding Gifts

swedish flagThe traditional national flower of Sweden is the Linnea Borealis. These pretty pink bell-shaped blossoms with their vanilla scent would make a lovely gift when presented in a personalized planter as a reminder of this wonderful milestone.

Traditional Golden Wedding Gifts Sweden

Swedish family like to present their loved ones with symbolic and meaningful gold themed wedding anniversary gifts to touch the hearts of their relatives.

Traditional homewares are very popular, such as cosy monogrammed textiles like cushions, pillows or bathrobes, while engraved glassware such as champagne flutes or whisky decanters add an extra personal touch to the occasion.

Gifts made from gold such as vases, clocks or photograph frames are also common and are appreciated by the recipients, as well as artistic ornaments to adorn the marital home. A gift such as the stylish 24 karat gold-dipped Eternity Rose are the ideal token of esteem on this most special of anniversaries. Crafted by hand from a true natural rose, each item is entirely unique and forms a perfect and magnificent work of art that can be proudly displayed in its sleek leather case as a lasting memento to be treasured.

Swedish Alcohol Gifts

One of the most luxurious alcohol-related golden wedding anniversary gifts Sweden can supply is a bottle of Karlsson’s Gold vodka. Hand crafted in Sweden, this high-quality drink will not only be much appreciated, but will also perfectly capture the theme of this anniversary year.

Swedish Vacations for Golden Wedding Couples

Treat your loved ones to a Swedish vacation of a lifetime to beautiful Swedish Lapland, and as part of their visit they can enjoy a guided tour of the Aitik Mine where gold is mined to this day. Staying in luxurious accommodation, your loved ones can take part in unique activities since as dog sledding, a ride on a snowmobile or a visit to an Arctic moose farm. What could be a more romantic way to renew a couple’s love for each other than to see the northern lights together and experience the wintry beauty of the land of the midnight sun?

Traditional Swedish Golden Wedding Jewelry Gifts

golden anniversary SwedenIf you are searching for something to give your wife as golden wedding gifts Sweden may be a good place to begin your search for authentic jewelry. One of the finest gifts for golden wedding anniversary Sweden can offer is a piece of Sami jewelry. The traditional Sami handicrafts are exceptionally beautiful and make a lovely token of love for your spouse. The Sami people originate from the far north of the country and have been crafting using natural materials since the Ice Age. Made from a band of leather, each bracelet is thought to represent the past, present and future, a perfectly symbolic reflection of 50 years of happy marriage, with gorgeous braiding decoration. Choose a gold colored bracelet to surprise your partner on the occasion of your golden wedding anniversary.

Swedish Celebration Food for Golden Wedding Couples

As a special Swedish themed surprise for your loved ones on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary, present them with one of the traditional celebration cakes served at anniversaries and other milestone occasions. Choose from either the Kransekake (although you may want to stop short of the 50 layers required to symbolize this anniversary year!) or the Princesstarta, a beautiful marzipan topped confection filled with crème patissiere and sponge cake. This could be perfectly customized to suit the golden theme by using yellow marzipan and decorating with gold accessories or yellow flowers. What a fabulous way to celebrate this happy day!