Finding Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Spain

If you are looking for golden wedding anniversary gifts with Spain as your theme, there are lots of interesting ideas that you can incorporate.

In Spain, close family ties are the key to all major life celebrations, so when beloved parents or grandparents reach their 50th year of marriage it is always a time of great joy for all friends and relatives. Taking every opportunity to demonstrate to their loved ones how much they are esteemed and appreciated in their lives, family members traditionally arrange for everyone to gather together to toast the happily married pair.

Of course, the giving and receiving of gifts is also a big part of the occasion, with significant and heartfelt presents revealing the sincerity of feeling behind each token.

Gifts for Golden Wedding Anniversary Spain

Spanish flagIIn Spain, as in the USA, the traditional gift to mark the occasion of a half century of marriage is usually made from gold. With its glorious sheen and radiance, the precious metal gold reflects the brilliance and beauty of a long-lived marriage, and with its hard-wearing nature, it perfectly symbolizes the enduring nature of a union that has survived the trials and tribulations of 50 years.

Fabulous Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Romantic Matched Set set

  • Includes a real glazed rose, trimmed with 24k gold
  • Combined with pendant and earrings from natural rose petals
  • Comes in a quality leather display case
  • Price $299

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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • It is presented in a prestigious leather display case
  • A certificate of authenticity is enclosed
  • Free express delivery
  • Price $169

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Floral Golden Wedding Gifts

If, for your golden wedding gifts Spain is your inspiration, consider giving your loved ones a beautiful bouquet of red carnations. As the Spanish national flower, these readily accessible and vibrant blooms are sure to brighten any couple’s home with their radiant splendor.

Traditional Golden Wedding Gifts Spain

In Spain, gifts for the 50th wedding anniversary incorporate gold within its theme or design. Any token made from this precious metal or featuring elements of the color would be meaningful and significant on this special day.

From gold clocks and ornaments to personalized gold cushions or textiles, there are plenty of excellent suggestions for enduring mementos of the couple’s golden wedding.

Spanish Golden Wedding Ceramics

blue matched setOne of the most popular golden wedding anniversary gifts Spain has to offer is a magnificent ceramic and gold handmade plate. Produced in the traditional style, each authentically crafted item is made using enamels and 24 karat gold, resulting in a beautiful artistic ornament for the home. Gold edged ceramic mirrors can also be found which will perfectly reflect the theme of this anniversary year. These products are made in the traditional Spanish method and are wonderfully reflective of the style and culture of the country.

If your loved ones appreciate handmade artworks, consider giving a stylish gold-dipped real natural rose, presented in a classic leather case. With each item having been produced individually by hand, the result is a stunning work of art perfect for display in the couple’s home as a symbol of their happy and long-lived marriage.

Luxurious Spanish Vacation for Golden Wedding Couples

If you would love to give your loved ones a truly special and memorable gift for their golden wedding, why not arrange for them to experience an amazing vacation to Spain’s very own Gold Coast, the Costa Dorada?

Named after the appearance of the sand when the sun shines upon it, this beautiful resort on the Mediterranean Sea is blessed with lovely weather and gorgeous scenery. With plenty of luxury hotels, it forms the ideal spot from which to tour the nearby cities of Tarragona and Barcelona, famous for their amazing sights and attractions.

Give your loved ones memories that will last a lifetime when you arrange this 50th anniversary gift with a twist on the traditional theme.

Give the Gift of Spanish Food for Golden Wedding Couples

Spanish tapas has become incredibly popular over the last few years, so as part of your golden wedding celebrations for your loved ones why not arrange for the family to enjoy a delicious Spanish themed meal? Visiting a tapas restaurant together, or preparing these “small plates” at home for an extended family gathering is a wonderful way to bring everyone together. The joy of quality family time is a gift that money cannot buy, and the happy couple will be delighted to be joined by all their friends and family as they share food in the authentic way.

Damasquino Gifts for Golden Wedding Anniversary

The Spanish city of Toledo is famous for its Damasquino gold homewares and jewelry, and these make some of the finest golden wedding gifts Spain has to offer. Produced using a centuries old technique of decorating black steel with gold in traditional patterns and designs, each item is especially beautiful and will serve as a lasting reminder of this happy event. Whether you choose a gorgeous piece of jewelry, a decorated box, or even an adornment for the home such as a decorative plate or clock, art lovers are sure to appreciate this unique present which truly captures both the essence of Spain and the theme of this anniversary year.