Arranging a Traditional Polish Anniversary Celebration

If your loved ones are approaching their 50th anniversary and you need inspiration for golden wedding anniversary gifts Poland could be a good source of inspiration. There are many wonderful Polish themed ideas that match perfectly with the gold theme of the 50th wedding anniversary, and your relatives will cherish the many fantastic presents on offer.

In Poland as in the USA, gold is associated with 50 years of union, however there are many clever twists on the traditional theme that you can incorporate into your choice of present.

Golden Wedding Gifts Poland flowers

The national flower of Poland is the corn poppy, and its gorgeous vibrant red hue makes it the perfect blossom to brighten up any 50th anniversary bouquet for your loved ones.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts in Poland

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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
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Traditional Golden Wedding Gifts Poland

When it comes to traditional golden wedding anniversary gifts Poland and the USA alike link gold to 50 years of married life, offering the couple gifts that are made from gold or incorporate this precious metal into their theme.

It is as important in Poland as in America that the present should serve as a permanent reminder of this happy day, so choosing a gift that will stand testament to a lifetime of love is the best idea.

It is for this reason that decorative items for the home tend to be the most popular choice, with examples of common gifts being gold photo frames showcasing a picture of the couple’s wedding day, or then and now shots, or a clock made from gold to be displayed on a shelf or mantelpiece.
Polish dance
Personalized presents are also popular, with engraved wine glasses, champagne flutes or whisky decanters, or embroidered textiles like cushions or pillows being a wonderful and personal way to add a special touch to the event.

For an extra lavish gift, surprise the recipients with a stylish gold-dipped vase, paired with a magnificent 24 karat gold-dipped rose that has been fashioned into a stunning work of art from a genuine real rose by talented craftsmen. As each piece is completely unique, it is easy to see how much thought and effort has gone into sourcing such an opulent gift, and your loved ones will truly know how much they are loved.

Polish Alcohol Themed Gifts

A high-quality vodka is one of the best golden wedding gifts Poland can offer, especially the variety known as Goldwasser. Produced in Gdansk, this is a vodka with an ancient heritage dating back to the 16th century and this truly special drink is characterized by the flakes of 22 karat gold it contains. One of the world’s oldest beverages, it is a meaningful and symbolic token of esteem to present to your loved ones on this milestone occasion.

Polish Golden Wedding Vacation

For a fun Polish themed vacation, why not treat your loved ones to a trip to Poland’s Golden Mountains? Known for its link to gold mining, this beautiful region provides the happy couple with opportunities to explore the country’s heritage and culture, seeing all the wonderful sights including a guided tour of the Zloty Stok gold mine. There has been mining in this area for over 1000 years, and the town grew around the excavations that took place here during the gold mining boom of the early 16th century. Your loved ones can explore the Underground Tourist Route and discover the legends of the goblins who are said to guard the treasures contained within.

Amber Polish Golden Wedding Jewelry Gifts

poland giftsNot only is Poland famous for its gold-flecked vodka, but it is also well known for its love of amber jewelry. Known as Baltic Gold, some of this gorgeous jewelry makes for some of the best gifts for golden wedding anniversary Poland can offer. Gdansk is the capital of amber working in Poland and many craftsmen there specialize in producing elegant works of art from the ancient resin of coniferous forests. Formed up to 40 million years ago, there can be no more significant token of enduring love than a piece of amber worked into a stunning gold pendant, pair of earrings or bracelet for her, or a tie pin or cufflinks for him.

Polish Celebration Food for Golden Wedding Celebrations

If you would liked to hold a Polish themed celebration for your loved ones to mark the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary, you should arrange for the whole family to enjoy a meal together at a Polish restaurant, sampling authentic delicacies. Alternatively, if you prefer, why not cook your own Polish style feast at home? One of the key pieces of your table should be a Polish wheel cake, or Kolacz Weselny, which is a typical celebration cake linked with special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Made with a delicious cheese filling, this authentic gourmet treat will delight your loved ones on this most special day.