Holding a Golden Wedding Anniversary With a Malaysian Theme

When your loved ones approach the 50 year milestone in their marital journey, you may want to prepare an exciting celebration for them. Bringing together family and friends in honor of the occasion is a great way to show how much the happy couple are loved and appreciated, and if you are hoping to surprise them with exciting golden wedding anniversary gifts Malaysia could be the ideal place to start looking for inspiration. The more unusual and unique the gift that you choose, the more important it will be to your loved ones, as they will understand the depths of care and thought that you put into choosing something that is truly significant.

Malaysia and Gold

Gold has been mined in Malaysia for generations, with the settlement of Raub being the historic center of gold production. In fact the settlement itself was named after the gold, as it was said that there was a “raub” or scoop of gold for every dulang of sand. The area was said to be so full of gold that every time soil was scooped from the ground, gold would be discovered. Today, there are many gold mines in Malaysia, but primarily in Pahang State.

Beautiful Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Romantic Matched Set set

  • Includes a real glazed rose, trimmed with 24k gold
  • Combined with pendant and earrings from natural rose petals
  • Comes in a quality leather display case
  • Price $299

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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • It is presented in a prestigious leather display case
  • A certificate of authenticity is enclosed
  • Free express delivery
  • Price $169

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Malaysian Flowers as Wedding Anniversary Presents

The hibiscus, known in Malaysia as the Bunga Raya, is the country’s national flower, and is a beautiful choice for anyone looking for a Malaysian themed floral gift for loved ones on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. The word Raya in its name means “celebration”, making this flower the ideal choice for such a milestone occasion as the golden wedding.

The hibiscus is also known as the Chinese rose, and if you would like to give a rose that will never fade or die, why not present your relatives with a stunning 24 karat gold dipped natural rose? Hand-crafted by experts in a complex process to produce a magnificent and lavish work of art, each item is entirely unique and will look astounding in the marital home for decades to come.

Malaysian Traditional Textiles

Golden Wedding Anniversary from Malaysian
When it comes to choosing golden wedding gifts Malaysia offers some beautiful gold themed textiles which would be much appreciated by the recipients. The traditional tekat handicrafts use golden threads on luxurious cloth, such as velvet, and have long been associated with ceremonies. What better gift, then, to give your loved ones on the occasion of their 50th year of marriage than a ceremonial tekat cushion or bedspread?

Alternatively, some beautiful songket fabric, made into clothing or decorative items, would be a gorgeous way to incorporate the gold theme into a present. The name itself means to embroider in gold threads, and this luxury woven fabric uses real gold leaf in its production.

Malaysia – a Dream Golden Wedding Vacation Destination

malaysian cityWhen your parents or grandparents reach their 50th anniversary, it may finally be time for them to experience all the things that they never had time to do before. Traveling is a treasured dream of many couples, so now on the occasion of their golden wedding, one of the finest ideas for a meaningful and wonderful gift is to arrange for your loved ones to take a dream vacation to Malaysia. The Malay Peninsula was once known as Suvarnabhumi – the Land of Gold, so what better place to take a golden wedding trip? A country full of gold-themed attractions such as the PG Gold Museum in Kuala Lumpur, the Batu Caves with the huge gold statue of Lord Muruga, and the Sepang Gold Coast, it is easy to see why, when choosing a vacation as gifts for golden wedding anniversary Malaysia is an obvious choice. A stay at the Gold Coast Mohib resort not only incorporates the golden theme of the anniversary year, but is also a wonderfully luxurious and exciting way for the couple to rekindle their passion for each other and to form long-lasting and happy memories that they will relive and reminisce about for many more happily married years to come.

Golden Wedding Gifts Malaysia Traditional Crafts

For unusual and unique golden wedding gifts Malaysia has plenty of beautiful and ornate handicrafts to offer. Your loved ones will be delighted to receive authentic and traditional accessories fashioned from gold in a true Malaysian style. For him, a pending gold belt made from buffalo leather and gilded gold would be a striking and special token of esteem, while for her, a traditional Cucuk Sanggul hair pin, fashioned from gold would be a meaningful and symbolic gift, as these hair ornaments are usually worn by a bride on her wedding day.

Malaysian Gold Pottery Gifts

For an unusual gift for the home for your celebrating loved ones, why not give some traditional Malaysian pottery, decorated with exclusive gold patterns to produce an attractive decoration for the marital home?

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