Finding Gifts for Golden Wedding Anniversary in Italy

The 50th wedding anniversary is a unique and special time, and whether it is your parents, your grandparents or your friends that are celebrating this event, you can be sure that this rare occasion is one that should be singled out for celebration with particularly heartfelt and memorable gifts that can stand as a testament to the couple’s enduring devotion.

In the modern world, very few couples reach this milestone, so when you have the opportunity to celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion, it is important to really mark the event as something truly amazing, and take the chance to demonstrate your affection and esteem for the happy pair.

When it comes to choosing golden wedding gifts Italy is a good place to start, with its strong links to this precious metal.

Magnificent Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Romantic Matched Set set

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  • Combined with pendant and earrings from natural rose petals
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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
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Why is Italy Linked to the 50th Wedding Anniversary?

italian flagIt is believed that the history of giving gifts to celebrate wedding anniversaries began in the Holy Roman Empire during the medieval period. Although most commonly associated with Germany, the Holy Roman Empire at this time also included the Kingdom of Italy, and throughout the Empire on the occasion of the 50th wedding anniversary a golden wreath or garland was presented by a husband to his wife to celebrate the occasion. This was seen as a reward to her for many happy years together, and caused the event to be known as the “golden wedding anniversary”.

The Holy Roman Empire was also the starting point for linking specific materials to different years of marriage, a practice which spread throughout Europe and eventually throughout most of the world. There are some variations today from country to country, however the golden wedding, symbolized by gold, is one of the years that is almost identically celebrated worldwide through the giving and receiving of golden themed gifts.

Unique Italian Anniversary Traditions

Many of the customs associated with wedding anniversaries in the USA today are similar to those practised in Italy, however there are a couple of differences.

One of the popular ways to mark special occasions and family parties is to give out special favors called bombonieras. This tradition began in the 1400s and was intended as a way to help guests to remember important events. Originally taking the form of a small chest filled with confetti, these little tokens were given at weddings and at other relevant occasions such as anniversaries. Today, these favors generally take the form of a flower decorated bag filled with 5 almonds to represent family, wealth, long life, health and joy. Giving a gold colored bomboniera is a wonderful way to mark the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary.

The Italian Gold Connection

Italy is well known to be associated with gold, and specifically gold jewelry. Famous for its love affair with yellow gold and elegant designs, Italy produces 70% of Europe’s jewelry and processes 500 tonnes of gold every year. The country has a long heritage as a leader in gold jewelry production, and Italian goldsmiths have been honing and developing their skills for generations. Both Milan and Turin are currently home to Goldsmith Design Schools and every year, the Vincenzo Oro, which is the World Premier Jewelry Fair is held in the country showing that it is considered to be one of the top places worldwide for its fine gold jewelry items.

50 Year Anniversary Vacation Gifts

When it comes to vacation golden wedding anniversary gifts Italy is a fantastic destination for your loved ones. There are few more romantic destinations to explore and spend time together as a loving couple than this wonderful country that has a long association with gold.

For a vacation gift that takes gold as its theme, why not arrange a dream luxury stay for your loved ones in one of the regions of Italy that is known for its beautiful gold jewelry production? Arezzo in Tuscany is famous for its beautiful gold chains, and makes a fabulous destination for a golden wedding anniversary break. Situated in the heart of gorgeous rolling Tuscan countryside, it is close to many wonderful famous landmarks such as the leaning tower of Pisa and Florence’s Duomo. An essential part of any golden wedding vacation to Tuscany is a visit to Florence’s “golden bridge”, the Ponte Vecchio, which is well-known to be home to pictureseque and atmospheric goldsmiths’ shops.

Italian Gold Jewelry Gifts

50th anniversary italyThe Italian love knot is a well-known symbol of the enduring nature of adoration, so what better gift to give your wife on the occasion of your 50th wedding anniversary? A pair of gorgeous gold love knot earrings fashioned by Italian goldsmiths is an elegant and stylish present to declare your love.

Italian Floral Gifts

Italians set great store by the meaning of flowers, and as roses stand for passion and romance in the language of blossoms, there is no better gift for a 50th wedding anniversary than a bouquet of beautiful roses.

For a longer lasting rose gift, why not give your loved ones the present of an opulent 24 karat gold dipped natural rose? This astounding work of art speaks volumes about your love and esteem and is an enduring token of appreciation that will be displayed proudly for a lifetime.