Inspiration for Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect golden wedding anniversary gift ideas? Struggling to find the inspiration? Need to find something that will have that all important wow factor? Don’t despair, because there are a wide variety of ideas and gifts available, ranging from very expensive to just a few pennies. From traditional, through to contemporary and the downright quirky, there’s something for everyone, regardless of your taste.
We’ve been celebrating wedding anniversaries for centuries, with the Holy Roman Empire setting the tone for such festivities. Gift IdeasTraditionally Roman husbands gave their long suffering wives a silver or gold wreath, depending on the number of years they’d been married. The roots of today’s modern celebrations can be traced back to medieval Germany, when friends and family would present a wreath of silver, for 25 years, or gold, representing 50 years, to the wife. Back in Medieval times they didn’t live as long as we do nowadays, so reaching such milestones was considered good fortune.
More symbols have been added over the years, to represent important milestones, with the Jewelers of America introducing a long list in 1937. This list is now recognised worldwide and followed when looking for anniversary gift ideas.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Meaningful Ideas for Golden Wedding Gifts

A golden anniversary marks reaching 50 years together as a married couple, and is considered quite an important milestone. Marriages certainly don’t last as long as they used to, so what better excuse for festivities. The occasion is often marked by a party or get-together, which calls for the need to find the perfect golden wedding gifts. Whether you’re looking for a present for a family member, friend, neighbour, or your significant other half, it’s vital you pick something that is memorable. A gift that is mundane, old hat, or boring will just be left at the back of a cupboard to gather dust.
Don’t feel under pressure to buy something gold for a 50th wedding anniversary present, because there are plenty of alternatives. The gift can have a golden theme, or why not choose to give a bunch of flowers. The violet is considered to represent 50 years of marriage, but it’s not the easiest of plants to take care of. A hand-picked posy, tied with gold ribbon, could be better if the couple aren’t adept gardeners.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for a Golden Wedding Anniversary

A golden wedding anniversary is no different than any other kind of present, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just to show someone you care. The gift should be meaningful, thoughtful, and be an indication of how special that person is to you. All too often we’re forced to purchase something just because we have to, leading to cupboards full of unwanted items.
It doesn’t have to be this way because the variety of gifts and presents that are available are wide ranging, to suit all pockets and many different tastes. An item of gold jewelry is the most obvious choice, but necklaces, pendants, bracelets or rings are not everyone’s cup of tea.
Special gift ideas for a golden wedding anniversary could take the form of a personalised picture frame, with some well chosen photos, champagne flutes with a bottle of bubbly, or traditional gifts such as decorated mugs or cushions. Or why not give a natural rose , picked at the height of it’s beauty, and tastefully dipped in the precious metal of your choice.

Ideas for Golden Wedding Anniversary Presents for Parents

When it’s your parents who are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary why not create a scrapbook full of family memories? Or a gift set that explores the history of your family name? Ideas for a golden wedding anniversary don’t have to be run of the mill. Memories are worth keeping for future years and generations, so gather together some keepsakes and images, and present them to the happy couple. Show your parents how special they are, and how much you appreciate all that they’ve done.

Personalised Golden Wedding Present Ideas

Golden wedding present ideas can often be personalised. There are lots of options available if you’d like to give something that has been engraved with the names of the couple, wedding date and number of years. Or why not get a star named in their honour, or have a poem written as a commemoration of the number of years they’ve stayed together?

Golden Wedding Present Ideas for Him and for Her

When it comes to discovering ideal golden wedding present ideas, the options for both men and women can be very different, but they can also be exactly the same. Staying together for 50 years means that a couple must share some of their interests, but also means that they have their own individual passions and things they like doing on their own. Choose a gift that will mean something to both of them or individual presents designed for him or for her.

Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Say it With Flowers

Marking a special occasion with flowers is an age old tradition. And if that special person or couple enjoy plants and gardens, then ideas for 50th wedding anniversary gifts come in all shapes and sizes. A wide range of plants are available that are named to commemorate a special occasion, or with a personal name in their title. If you can’t find one that tickles your fancy consider giving a garden centre gift voucher, so the recipient can go and pick their own.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Plants

  • Fuchsia ‘Golden Anniversary’
  • Hosta ‘Golden Anniversary’
  • Rosa ‘Golden Wedding’
  • Clematis ‘Golden Harvest’
  • Rose ‘Happy Golden Wedding’
  • Rhododendron ‘Golden Wedding’

Traditionally it has been the violet that was associated with a golden wedding, but the number and variety of other plants that are suitably named, means you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Planning a Golden Wedding Anniversary Party

When a couple are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, the occasion calls out for a party, and there’ll be no end of guests who will want to share in the festivities. Surviving the ups and downs of life for 50 years is quite an achievement. Not many couples make it through 10 years of marriage, let alone 5 times that amount. Material possessions can’t match the legacy that comes from the influence they have played in many people’s lives. When you sit down and put names and faces to the list of people they’ve reached out to, you won’t have to worry about filling your party venue.
Your budget will determine how many of those people are invited, and whether you feel the celebrating couple would prefer a more intimate gathering.
Setting the stage for the festivities is pretty simple, just make sure you include the colour gold in every possible way.

Ideas for table settings and decorations

  • Ivory coloured linen with gold accents
  • Gold rope with tassels tied round the chairs
  • Classic white china with gold trim
  • Napkins tied with gold ribbon
  • Gold candlesticks and gold coloured candles
  • Photos of the couple on display for the guests

Your background music could feature songs from the decade in which the couple were married, or if the couple have a particular preference then play this genre, because it’s bound to make them smile. Ask your guests to come up with some memorable moments or thoughts about the couple and assemble them, together with photos, in a personalised book. For the food aspect of the party, why not choose a meal based on the food they shared when on their first date, or a style of cooking that means something, such as fare from a country they’ve enjoyed visiting. Or maybe the husband has a particular dish that he’s always enjoyed his wife preparing. The difference being that this time she won’t have to cook it, just sit back and enjoy.
At the centre of the festivities should be a golden wedding anniversary cake. You might have enough experience to bake and decorate your own, and if that is your choice there are lots of decorations that can be added to make it special. Gold ribbons, sugarcraft flowers, and even a picture of the couple in the icing is possible. But if you’re not confident at baking a suitable creation then give your local baker a quick call, explaining the occasion, and how you want the cake to look.

Celebrating a Golden Wedding is Worth Pushing the Boat Out

The internet has made choosing presents a joy, rather than a chore. With just a few clicks you can pick from sellers right across the globe. No more trudging to the high street and spending hours looking at gifts, and still coming home empty handed. The variety and choice is seemingly endless. So much so that you can easily pick something different from the rest of the guests at the party, or find something for your loved one that is really unusual and special.