Finding Gifts for Golden Wedding Anniversary Germany

Whether it is your family members or your friends that are celebrating their 50th year of marriage, you can be sure that this milestone is an extremely special time for the couple. The 50th wedding anniversary is a rare occasion that should be marked with a special gift that can last as an ongoing reminder of this unique day.

Although every anniversary is an important time in a couple’s life, the 50 year anniversary is a truly remarkable achievement in today’s modern world. Any couple that has been together through 50 years of ups and downs should be congratulated and treated to a surprise that reveals how much they are loved by everyone around them.

When it comes to choosing golden wedding gifts Germany is a good place to start.

Gorgeous Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Romantic Matched Set set

  • Includes a real glazed rose, trimmed with 24k gold
  • Combined with pendant and earrings from natural rose petals
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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • It is presented in a prestigious leather display case
  • A certificate of authenticity is enclosed
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Germany’s Links to the Golden Wedding

german flagThe 50th year of marriage has historically been linked with the precious metal gold, thought to represent the durability and beautiful nature of a long-lasting love. The practice of presenting golden gifts to the celebrating couple has been in place for generations and is thought to date back to a custom from ancient Germany.

In the medieval period, husbands living in Germany would present their wife with a beautifully crafted golden crown on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary to reward her for the long happy years that she had given him, giving rise to the name “golden wedding anniversary”. The German people at this time also assigned materials to each year of marriage, giving symbolic gifts to mark each milestone as it passed to represent a facet of the couple’s relationship.

Over the years, this practice spread throughout Europe and then throughout the world, although only specific years were marked out for special celebration. The 50th wedding anniversary was one such year that was singled out as a unique and noteworthy occasion, and friends and family members seized on the German ideology of giving golden gifts and continued the practice in their own countries. The list of materials linked with each year of marriage has been adapted in different countries, and also for modern times, however the concept originated in Germany.

Today, the 50th anniversary is almost universally known as the golden wedding thanks to the original German tradition, and usually, the gifts chosen follow the golden theme.

Unique German Anniversary Traditions

In Germany, there are several unusual wedding anniversary traditions that have their origins in the past and are still practised today.

Traditionally, the anniversary couple would be woken on the morning of their special day by their family members who would have prepared a delicious breakfast for them and left it at their bedroom door for them to enjoy together in bed.

A popular way to surprise the happy couple on their anniversary is to arrange for a family party that involves a barbecue and a beer garden, incorporating two of the most famous German foods – sausages and beer!

There are some other unusual German wedding anniversary customs that are unique to the country, for example on the 12th wedding anniversary, it is customary to give the couple a bouquet made of parsley, and if there are no children produced by the 5th year of marriage, the occasion is referred to as a “bullock wedding”!

50 Year Anniversary Vacation Gifts

If you are thinking of sending your loved ones on a vacation as golden wedding anniversary gifts Germany is a good place to start because of its long historical link with the practice of giving symbolic presents.

celebrating 50 yearsFor a truly golden themed vacation, why not consider treating your loved ones to the beautiful Black Forest region where the city of Pforzheim is known as “Goldstadt”, translated as Golden City because of its connection with jewelry making. This is a wonderful place to take a break, with its authentic German feel, stunning scenery and pretty towns to visit. Your loved ones will relish a memorable and luxurious stay in this fantastic location, and you can be sure that you have provided them with a golden wedding anniversary gift with a twist on the traditional theme.

German Themed Golden Wedding Gifts

There are many unusual German themed golden wedding anniversary gifts that you can give the happy couple. An authentic cuckoo clock would make an unusual and lovely present for any couple, while some elegant German crystal or glassware would be an excellent way to mark the day. Why not give your loved ones a stylish crystal vase presented with a magnificent 24 karat gold dipped rose – a masterpiece of craftsmanship fashioned from a real natural rose into a unique and outstanding work of art ready to be displayed in pride of place in the couple’s home for the rest of their married life.