Choosing Beautiful Golden Wedding Anniversary Jewellery

When you have been married for 50 years, you will probably already have bought your wife most of the obvious presents. Flowers and chocolates are both anniversary classics, but anniversary jewellery is always one of the top choices when it comes to finding a gift that is both meaningful for the giver and appreciated by the recipient.

Anniversary jewellery is the perfect way to mark the occasion of 50 years of happy marriage. As well as being an investment, choosing beautiful and elegant jewellery for your wife allows you to find a piece that is ideally suited to her individual sense of style and taste.

Which woman wouldn’t love to receive an intricate and delicate piece of jewellery to wear every day or on special occasions? It is a present that lasts forever and can be treasured for a lifetime, being passed on through the generations as an heirloom in years to come.

Also, you can be sure that every time she wears her special anniversary jewellery, she will think of you and remember fondly the happy times that you have shared together.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Jewellery

Romantic Matched Set set

  • Includes a real glazed rose, trimmed with 24k gold
  • Combined with pendant and earrings from natural rose petals
  • Comes in a quality leather display case
  • Price $299

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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • It is presented in a prestigious leather display case
  • A certificate of authenticity is enclosed
  • Free express delivery
  • Price $169

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Which Types of Anniversary Jewellery to Choose?

golden wedding necklaceThere are many options open to you when it comes to selecting the perfect anniversary jewellery for your partner. Of course, a lot depends on her tastes. If she never wears bracelets, for example, it is pointless to purchase one for her. Take the time to notice which are her favorite pieces, and the styles she prefers.

Beautiful Bracelets to Suit Every Lady

Bracelets have been a popular jewellery choice since at least 5000 BC, so when you choose a bracelet as a golden wedding gift for your wife, you can be sure that you are opting for a token that has a long and successful history.

There are many types of bracelet to choose from, so you are sure to be able to find one that your wife will love. The simple bangle, fashioned from an inflexible hoop of metal is an effective and stylish choice, and can be either plain or decorated with precious stones. A link bracelet is also often a popular choice, especially when adorned with diamonds, rubies or emeralds. One attractive option is to select a charm bracelet, which can be tailored individually to the recipient by the choosing of specific charms to represent events, people and hobbies.

Stylish Earrings Make a Stunning Gift

Earrings are an anniversary classic and never go out of fashion. Whether your special lady prefers stylish studs or glittering drops, you are sure to find something to fit the bill for your golden wedding anniversary.

One wonderful anniversary jewellery idea is to buy your spouse a beautiful pair of earrings made from a real natural miniature rose, beautifully glazed by hand and trimmed with 24 karat gold as the perfect 50th wedding anniversary token. This gift is all the more special as the yellow rose is the flower associated with the golden wedding anniversary.

Pretty Pendants and Gorgeous Necklaces

Necklaces are traditional and popular anniversary jewellery gifts and it is easy to see why. Even during the Stone Age, necklaces were being worn by both men and women, and throughout the ages they have held a deep significance. There are many variants on the necklace theme, from elegant chokers to gorgeous pendant necklaces. Choose either plain precious metal ropes or chains, or select a necklace which has been decorated with diamonds or gems for a majestic appeal.

Pendant necklaces are a great way to personalize your gift. Choose your wife’s favorite gemstone or opt for a shaped charm that is relevant to her in some way.

Why not adopt the gold rose theme associated with the golden wedding anniversary by purchasing a genuine natural miniature glazed rose pendant, decorated with purest 24 karat gold trimming? Available in different colors from traditional red to elegant white, there are two available styles, each featuring sparkling synthetic diamonds. Every woman would love to receive this unique hand-crafted gift that reveals the depth of your emotion for her.

Gorgeous Gift Sets Make a Lavish Present

blue matched setIf you want to really spoil your partner, why not give her a beautiful matching gift set of a pendant necklace and matching earrings? She will love to wear a gorgeous matching jewellery duo that was given to her with love.

Of course, the fiftieth wedding anniversary is traditionally associated with gold, and therefore it makes the most sense to choose anniversary jewellery crafted from gold. However, there are many different types and colors of gold to select from. Although yellow gold is the most traditional, there is also white gold and rose gold to choose from, which make unusual yet appealing alternatives, available in a wide range of jewellery options from necklaces and bracelets to earrings.