Arranging a Traditional Danish Anniversary Celebration

The Danish people take their anniversary celebrations very seriously, so if you are planning to give your loved ones a party with a flavor of Denmark you should pay attention to some of the unique customs that surround the Danish golden wedding anniversary.

The 50th wedding anniversary is one of the 3 major marital events celebrated in Denmark, along with the 12 ½ year celebration and the 25th wedding anniversary. During the night before the big day, friends and family members decorate the front door of the couple’s home with an arch and will wake the happy pair early in the morning by playing music and singing to welcome the day.

Close family members will then be invited into the couple’s home for more singing and to share the anniversary breakfast meal of coffee and pastries. Later in the day, a wider circle of family and friends will attend a large celebration where a 3 course meal will be served featuring traditional and gourmet delights.

The Danish anniversary party is not dissimilar to an American style wedding, with speeches and singing taking a large role in the proceedings. One unusual custom is the singing of personalized songs to the couple, written by one of the guests to a traditional tune. Copies of the lyrics will be handed to all the attendees and everyone will join in. Writing your loved ones a special song would be a lovely reflection of this tradition, however they may not want to take part in the other common custom of cutting off the toes of the groom’s socks or part of his tie!

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Golden Wedding Gifts Denmark flowers

The Danish national flower is the Marguerite Daisy, available in a range of colors, including yellow, and it is one of the prettiest gifts for golden wedding anniversary Denmark can supply. A bouquet that includes these brilliant blossoms would be the ideal symbolic gift to surprise your loved ones on this happy day.

Traditional Golden Wedding Gifts Denmark

When it comes to traditional golden wedding anniversary gifts Denmark is similar to the USA in that it equates gold with the 50th year of marriage, and gifts that are either made from this precious metal or incorporate some element of this theme into its design are commonly given.

The significance of the gift is very important, and the token should serve as a lasting memento of this memorable event, so usually any gift presented to the couple will be long-lasting and relevant to the occasion.

rose Anniversary GiftDecorative homewares are a popular choice, such as golden photograph frames displaying a picture of the happy couple on their wedding day, or a golden clock to grace the mantelpiece. Engraved gifts are just as popular as they are in the USA, so personalized wine glasses, champagne flutes or decorative acrylic blocks are all appropriate tokens of esteem. Embroidered or hand-painted gifts are also gratefully appreciated, featuring the couple’s names and anniversary date for an extra personal touch.

A gold-dipped vase makes an extra stylish gift for your loved ones, especially if it is accompanied by a beautiful 24 karat gold-dipped real natural rose, turned into a spectacular work of art by talented artists. This enduring memento of the 50th wedding anniversary will speak volumes about your love for the recipients and will be proudly displayed in its leather case for many more years to come.

Traditional Danish Golden Wedding Jewelry Gifts

danish traditionsIf you are searching for jewelry to give as golden wedding gifts Denmark has a wealth of skilled goldsmiths to choose from. From modern and contemporary pieces to those with a traditional style, you are sure to find something perfect for your loved ones. If you would like to select something that perfectly embodies the Scandinavian spirit, you could always opt for some replica Viking jewelry, copied by skilled craftsmen from genuine artefacts. Beautiful bangles, pendants and brooches for her, or cufflinks, tie pins or chains for him fashioned from gold all make gorgeous gifts for a celebrating couple.

Danish Celebration Food for Golden Wedding Couples

Why not arrange a traditional Danish golden wedding feast for your loved ones to celebrate the milestone of 50 years of marriage? Include some smoked herring as an essential component in your meal as these are known as the “gold of the sea” – perfectly fitting for a golden wedding dinner. The centerpiece should be a traditional kransekage, the authentic Danish celebration cake used for all major life events such as weddings and anniversaries. Constructed from an enormous tower of marzipan circles, it is unlikely that you’ll manage to use 50 to represent the number of years of marriage, however you can see how high it can go! Decorate it with golden accessories, icing and flowers for a stylish and meaningful way to highlight the importance of the occasion.