Celebrating the Golden Wedding Anniversary in Chinese Style

As your loved ones approach their 50th year of happy marriage, it is time to arrange a special celebration and gather all their friends and family together to toast the happy couple and offer them tokens of appreciation and esteem.

If you are looking for ideas for golden wedding anniversary gifts China, with its exotic culture and fascination with gold could be the perfect source of inspiration.

Unique Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Romantic Matched Set set

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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
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The Significance of Gold in China

great wall chinaChina has long held an obsession with gold, and both the precious metal and the color have featured prominently in traditional arts, crafts and costuming throughout the centuries.

Even today, Chinese families believe that gold in incredibly important, both as a status symbol and as an investment, and frequently purchase and give golden gifts for important milestone events in the lives of their loved ones.

Since ancient times, the color gold was believed to bring luck and was once considered to be the preserve of the Emperor. Representing wealth in the Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny, gold patterns, decorations and symbols are connected to all the major celebrations in the Chinese calendar.

China is also the world’s largest producer of gold, with almost 300 tonnes being mined every year. Although much of this is used domestically in the manufacture of jewelry, China has now branched out into the gold export market too.

As gold has such a strong cultural significance, when it comes to choosing gifts for golden wedding anniversary China makes the ideal starting point.

Chinese Themed Floral Wedding Anniversary Presents

If you would like to give a Chinese related floral themed gift to your loved ones, consider the beautiful peony. The country’s national flower, it holds the meaning of “richness and honor”, making it the ideal token for any couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

For an enduring gold floral gift, present the happy pair with a stunning and stylish 24 karat gold-dipped rose, artistically created from a single individually hand-picked blossom. A fine work of art, each unique bloom comes in its own prestigious leather display case, or can be presented alongside a matching 24 karat gold-dipped vase for a significant and magnificent gift that will be treasured and cherished.

Ornamental Golden Wedding Gifts China Dragon

The Chinese dragon is one of the most iconic symbols of the culture and heritage of the country. With their mythological background and symbolism of luck, power and strength, they are the perfect ornamental gift for any celebrating couple. If you wish to convey a message of your esteem to your relatives on this auspicious occasion, surprise them with a striking gold Chinese dragon statue which will beautifully adorn the home and bring a special meaning to their anniversary day.

Gorgeous Golden Wedding Gifts China Homewares

Decorative gifts are not only traditional on the occasion of the 50th wedding anniversary, but are also much appreciated. An ornamental present will act as a lasting memento of the event and will also improve the décor of the marital home. Why not present the couple with an ornate Chinese vase with gold overglazing or painted details?

China – a Dream Golden Wedding Vacation Destination

Your loved ones may have long cherished a dream to travel to the Far East to explore the wonders of the Orient. Why not give them their wish on the occasion of their fiftieth wedding anniversary by organizing a luxurious vacation to China? With a wealth of sights and attractions to experience and explore, there will be plenty to thrill the celebrating couple, however as part of their excursion, they should be sure to take a cruise on the Jinsha River, as in translation its name means Gold Dust River – a clever twist on the golden wedding theme.

Golden Wedding Gifts China Filigree

One of the traditional Chinese arts is the production of intricate gold filigree. One of the eight traditional Beijing crafts, filigree inlaid items were once only permitted amongst the Imperial family, however today they are widely available for anyone to purchase. The ancient handicraft is enjoying a recent resurgence in popularity and would make a beautiful and appropriate golden wedding gift for any 50th anniversary couple.

Gifts for Golden Wedding Anniversary China Lucky Coins

In Chinese Feng-Shui tradition, gold coins are very important in bringing wealth and luck to your loved ones. Present the happy couple with a set of 24 karat gold coins to ensure that the next 50 years are as fortunate as the last 50.

Chinese Celebration Cakes

If you are arranging a special Chinese themed celebration for your loved ones on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, you may want to book a special dinner at a Chinese restaurant for all the family to attend. When sending out your invitations, you could adopt the authentic Chinese practice of issuing Dragon and Phoenix cakes to each guest. With their golden topping, they perfectly reflect the theme of the day, and make a lovely personal touch.