Celebrating Your Golden Wedding Anniversary in Style in Canada

Wondering how best to celebrate your golden wedding anniversary? Have you got a couple of friends or relations looking to mark half a century of married life together? Have you been invited to a golden wedding party, and don’t know what to bring? For all these scenarios, and possibly a few more, we’re going to help with some helpful golden wedding anniversary gifts
Canada and Canadians will love.

Official Congratulations from the Governor General

Did you know that you can request official recognition of the occasion from the Governor General? For couples who have reached 50 years of marriage, a message can be sent from the Governor General. All you have to do is apply and provide suitable proof. Give yourself plenty of time because applications can take up to 8 weeks. But you also have the option of requesting a message if the event has already taken place. Messages will be issued up to 12 months after the special day.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts In Canada

Romantic Matched Set set

  • Includes a real glazed rose, trimmed with 24k gold
  • Combined with pendant and earrings from natural rose petals
  • Comes in a quality leather display case
  • Price $299

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Gold-Dipped RoseGold rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • It is presented in a prestigious leather display case
  • A certificate of authenticity is enclosed
  • Free express delivery
  • Price $169

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Best Gifts for a Golden Wedding Anniversary in Canada

golden wedding anniversary
Let’s be honest here, there’s probably nothing really important the anniversary couple need. 50 years of living together and they’ve likely got all the modern accessories a married couple need. Most of the golden wedding gifts in Canada, aren’t going to be useful, instead they’re more likely to be decorative, sentimental and full of emotion. Whoever you might be buying the gift for, whether it’s each other, a couple of friends or family, or the lovely couple who live down the street, you want the gift to be memorable and not just something that will lay hidden in a drawer.
hink of some of the things that the couple love doing, or that you and your spouse enjoy. They might for example love wining and dining, visiting the cinema, gardening or taking a walk. You need to find a gift that will be enjoyable and fun for both of the loving pair. Here’s a few choice suggestions:

  • Anniversary porcelain plate – beautifully decorated with gold, and the addition of a special message or photo of the happy couple, possibly on their wedding day.
  • Golden anniversary key chain – choose from a number of different designs and styles, or customise your own idea.
  • Bicycle playing cards – made on casino quality paper, and using a color printing process, which can be embellished with a photo, text or special design.
  • Golden wedding anniversary wall clock – available with a golden theme, and customisable to suit the couples taste
  • Golden anniversary ornaments – especially great if the anniversary is close to Christmas. You can add photos, images and messages on the front and the back.
  • Anniversary mugs – after 50 years of married life they’ve surely enjoyed hundreds of cups of tea or coffee together over breakfast, so give them an anniversary mug to replace those that are looking a bit jaded.
  • Anniversary coasters – custom drinks coasters, how is that going to look on their table when guests come round for dinner? Can be customised with photos and messages of course.

Take Some Time Away and Enjoy Canada in all it’s Beauty

As a couple, would you prefer to do something a little more low key than throwing a party? Would you really love some time away together? You’re likely looking for a little adventure after 50 years of marriage, so enjoy some parts of Canada you’ve possibly never seen. Revisit your honeymoon destination, or go back to the place where this marriage first began. Wondering where, in such a beautiful country such as Canada, you can possibly go? There’s so many spots to choose from, so let’s see if we can narrow down your options.

Places to Visit in Canada for your Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration:

    • Alberta – a breathtaking part of Canada, that includes the Canadian Rocky Mountains, gorgeous blue lakes, forests, rivers, grasslands and prairies. It has 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, working ranges where you can be one of the lads, fairytale castles to stay in, endless hiking trails, or fluffy white snow. Visit at the right time of the year, and you might even experience the Northern Lights.
    • Manitoba – watch the polar bears gather on the shores of Hudson Bay. Enjoy kayaking among a group of singing whales. Enjoy casting a line into one of the 110,000 lakes in the area. And if culture is more your thing, spend some time in the city of Winnipeg. They even have their own Festival if a jig is more your thing.
    • Nunavut – this is Canada’s very own Arctic Outback, with glaciers, icebergs and a tundra landscape. Spend some time spotting beluga whales, narwhal and polar bears on the edge of the Arctic ice floe. Or take in the shimmering colors of the Northern Lights.
    • Great Bear Rainforest – this is one of the last remaining unspoiled temperate rainforests in the world. And you’ll have the opportunity to spot grizzly and black bears, deer, mountain goats, wolves and eagles.
    • Niagara – this is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, and there’s no surprise because here lies Niagara Falls. It is the world’s second biggest waterfall, down which cascades more than 6 million cubic feet of water, every minute. Such an outstanding site to see, and one very worthy of a golden wedding anniversary celebration.

And if you fancy having the whole trip laid out, with no worries about planning where to go, then you could always try out one of the many packages and tours available such as:

  • Canadian road trip
  • Aurora viewing by dog team
  • Rail Trans-Canada experience
  • Cruising the Cabot Trail on two wheels – motorised of course
  • Niagara Icewine Festival
  • Montreal International Jazz Festival
  • Canadian Rockies hot springs

When you’re about to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary take comfort in the fact that you’re a pretty rare breed. Divorce rates are going through the roof, so your effort and strength in keeping a loving relationship going should be applauded, and something to feel proud of. We hope that you have many years left to come, and wonderful memories of all those that have already passed.