Say How Much You Love Her With a Golden Wedding Anniversary Rose

Whether it’s a single bud or a gigantic bunch, nothing says more about how you feel than giving flowers to the person who means most to you. And it’s not just love that flowers can symbolise. They can be used to express sympathy, remembrance, support, apology or just to say thanks.
The language of flowers (floriography) goes back centuries. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians all used flowers in their legends and stories. The act of giving flowers as a gift can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Mid 1700, French and English people visiting Turkey discovered a complete language of flowers. Victorians then went on to create a meaning for a wide variety of flowers. Flowers were used to express emotions that Victorian’s were uncomfortable showing.
Giving your loved one a golden wedding anniversary rose will certainly convey your feelings of affection in a positive way. The giving of flowers has traditionally been a one sided story, but modern man has grown to love this kind of present too.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Roses Gifts

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Give a Rose to Celebrate a Golden Wedding

Not everyone is blessed with green fingers however, and for some, no matter how hard they try, even a bouquet of flowers will very quickly start wilting and fading. A new idea has emerged that means a rose can be given as a golden wedding anniversary present and it will last for all time. Long enough to be handed down through the years as a family keepsake. Dipping roses in gold or any other precious metal means they will last a lifetime. The process also works with orchids, for an equally special gift. When you give a rose, golden wedding couples will be more than satisfied with the quality of the piece.

Advice on Giving Golden Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Buying golden wedding anniversary flowers can be the best course of action for a number of different reasons:

  • Because the plant bears the name of the special occasion
  • The plant bears the same name as the person you’re giving it to
  • The plant may flower at a significant time of the year, eg. on a wedding anniversary date
  • The plant is a particular favourite of the person receiving it, or the flowers are their favourite colour, or it has a particularly special scent

There are certain things you should bear in mind when buying plants or flowers as a gift:

  • Have they got a garden? Is it the right size to accommodate such a growing plant? If they haven’t got the space can it be grown on in a container?
  • Does their garden have the right type of soil for the plant? Plants such as camellias and rhododendrons need an acid soil, and if this isn’t possible they will have to be grown in pots.
  • For those with a small garden, a houseplant might be more appropriate.
  • If you’re really not sure of these answers why not consider a garden centre gift voucher instead.

Traditional Plants and Flowers for a Golden Wedding Anniversary

A golden or 50th wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion. Staying together through thick and thin, lean and bountiful times shows a relationship that is strong, committed and full of love. No wonder gold has become its symbol. There are however, two flowers that are associated with a golden wedding anniversary.


The violet is the traditional flower to represent a 50th wedding anniversary, but it is not a commonly known fact. It is said that Josephine wore a string of violets when she married Napoleon, and he marked every anniversary after with an arrangement of violets. Violets are a symbol of faithfulness, virtue and modesty, and very appropriate for celebrating a long lasting relationship.

Yellow Roses

Wedding Anniversary roseBecause few people know about violets being a symbol for golden wedding anniversaries another flower has become very popular. Also violets are very difficult to work into floral arrangements. The yellow rose, and there are numerous different varieties, have become a favoured option for golden wedding anniversary gifts. Their colour is the obvious tie in with this particular celebration, and they represent the beauty of a couple’s long lasting life together.


There is not one particular plant that is associated with a golden wedding anniversary, but rather than giving a bouquet of flowers, why not give the couple a lasting version – one that can be planted in their garden and last for many more years. A golden wedding anniversary rose bush would remind the couple of their special day every year, and roses aren’t too difficult to take care of. A golden wedding rose bush such as ‘Golden Anniversary’ would be a great idea. Violets in a pot would also last much longer than a small posy. Tie a gold ribbon around the container to make the gift a bit more special.

Alternative Ideas

Violets and yellow roses are considered traditional golden wedding anniversary gifts, but there are plenty of other floral arrangements that work equally well. Why not give the couple a bouquet of 50 stems of their favourite flower? Arrangements can also be made with some other types of yellow flowers such as daffodils, daisies and tulips. You can make the yellow colour stand out by adding some greenery.

Caring for Cut Flowers

Any bouquet of flowers will last much longer with the right care and attention. Pick the freshest flowers for the bouquet and keep them in a vase of fresh water until you’re ready to give them as a present. Every few days you should remove them from their water, refresh with clean water and re-cut the stems. If the flowers have been purchase from a florist there will likely be a sachet of flower food, that will contain the right ingredients to keep the flowers fresh looking for longer. Keep the flowers in a cool place and out of direct sunlight.
An alternative to fresh flowers are buds that have been dipped in precious metals such as gold or silver. No more worries about the correct conditions and care. All these need is to be displayed and dusted every now and again.